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Self Contained Compactors

The most widely used wet-waste compactor in the industry. Found at grocery stores, hospitals, apartment complexes, restaurants, universities, and stadiums.

With a self-contained compactor, the compactor and receiver box stay permanently joined for compaction and emptying, minimizing leakage. If your business disposes of food waste, wet waste, or granulated materials that could leak when separating a container from the compactor, then you should consider a self-contained compactor. 


Self-contained compactors come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and compaction power.  These machines are designed to store and transport wet wastes. Compactors reduce commercial waste cost by cutting down on the number of times the container needs to be hauled. 


Ideal For:

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare


  • Apartments

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery


  • Industrial

  • Hotels

  • Malls


To discuss which self-contained compactor would be best for your industry, fill out our online contact form or call us at (833) 233-9377.

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Dual Recycling Compactor

Flexible Compaction Solutions

The Dual Recycling Compactor is a dual-purpose self-contained compactor with two separate compartments that enable you to compact a wide range of waste and recycling at one time.

dual recycling compactor

100 Self Contained Compactor

Waste Equipment's 100 Self Contained self-contained compactors make handling wet waste simple. It's easy to load from both the ground and dock levels, and a hopper can be used to double or triple the loading capacity. Waste can be fed continuously while the unit is cycling.

100 series self contained compactor

250 Self Contained Compactor

Compare a  RJ-250 compactor with any other self-contained compactor on the it is the preferred choice of discriminating buyers. 

250 series self contained compactor

250 Ultra Stationary Compactor

Designed to store and transport your waste, prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with public health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees, and reduce disposal costs.

250 ultra self contained compactor

88 Self Contained Compactor

The 88 Series Self Contained Compactors are ideal for waste with high liquid content. Each 88 Self-Contained compactor stores liquid and helps control insects and odor problems.

88 self contained compactor

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