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Horizontal Balers

Starting out at $960/month

A great solution designed for high productivity and large generators of recyclable materials in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Waste Equipment can help your company from determining the best baling machine for your needs to sourcing a buyer for the recyclable bales.


Horizontal Balers

The prime solution for recyclers looking to save time, money, and space with their products.

Increase your recycling and profitability. 

We have a recycling solution for every type of commodity and price point. We have a flexible solution to meet everyone’s needs including the following:

  • Customized rental or lease options

  • Purchase Options

  • Equipment Consulting and Design

  • Installations and Removals

  • Full Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • 24/7 Repair Services


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Auto Tie Balers

Waste Equipment’s line of Auto-Tie Balers features our exclusive tying system.



Waste Equipment's Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler uses highly efficient gear twisters, which eliminates pigtails. This accounts for more than 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs. The gear twisters and inserter needles are hydraulically driven and the wire is dispensed directly from our unique box holders. Hydraulic wire positioners precisely align the wires for pick-up by the inserter needles, making our model the most reliable on the market.


Our auto-tie balers are designed for high productivity and ease of use with advanced electronics, such as the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC and Maestro® color touch-screen operator interface. From this interface, the operator can control a variety of baler functions such as auto and manual modes, bale settings, system pressure, bale length, and perform computerized diagnostics. The main panel box features IEC controls.

​Key Features and Benefits:

Structural and Mechanical

  • Single-cylinder tension system, which leverages and generates force on all four sides

  • All pivot points have solid steel bushings and grease fittings

  • Adjustable Nylatron® inserter needle positioners (on the side opposite the tie) maintain correct needle position

  • Inserter and twister assembly cabinet pivots for easy access and maintenance

  • Inserters and gear twisters are driven by hydraulic motors

  • Hydraulic wire positioners

  • Bolt-in shear blades are replaceable (NS, WS, and EWS only)

  • 500 Brinell steel liners on the floor and ram bottom.

  • Chute-type feed hopper with gasketed access door with viewing windows on both sides of the baler.

  • Oversized ram hold-down bars are adjustable from the exterior of the machine.

  • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded retainer locks

  • Wire box holders make loading quick and easy with no adjustment required. ceramic wire guides and adjustable wire rollers

  • Optional wire run-out system available

Electrical and Hydraulic

  • Spring-loaded counter wheel located on the side of the baler sends digital bale length reading to the operator interface

  • Maestro® color touchscreen operator interface with Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1500 Plc; provides many functions such as diagnostics, bale set-up, bale length, and system pressure

  • Infrared photoelectric sensors are adjustable to the entire height of the hopper door window

  • UL® and CUL® listed control systems

  • Start-up alarm and beacon

  • 460V/3-phase/60Hz high-efficiency power unit

  • Power packs up to 150HP (dual motor units available)

  • Lockable main circuit breaker

  • Low-oil shutdown switch, high oil temperature shutdown switch, and oil shut-off valve

  • Quiet running pump system

  • Electrically actuated regen hydraulic system

  • Current and pressure transducers standard

  • Air-to-oil cooler

  • 150 to 600-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir (up to 200 gallons delivered with the unit)

Non-ferrous Horizontal Baler

Waste Equipment’s Atlas ET Balers are the most affordable, highly efficient, mid-size baler for the non-ferrous scrap industry.


Our Atlas® ET (Extra Tough) offers affordable, highly efficient, mid-size horizontal balers for non-ferrous scrap. With heavy duty and stress-engineered construction, the Atlas offers a superior size to weight ratio to meet the demands of scrap baling applications. The specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates precutting of most materials.

The Atlas® ET features 400F liners and S-7 hardened steel ram and body shear blades for even tougher application requirements.

Facilities baling from one to three tons of aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusion, and radiators are reaping big benefits from the Atlas Non-Ferrous Baler.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Heavy construction – perfect for the scrap industry

  • The Atlas® ET features stress-engineered construction for a superior size to weight ratio

  • Vertical tie-off allows for baling without pre-processing,  with six tie positions

  • Wire guides for quick and easy ties through the bale chamber door

  • Three-sided feed hopper

  • Produces a 48-inch x 60-inch x 30-inch (1219 mm x 1524 mm x 762 mm) bale

  • The programmable UL® Listed controller permits automatic or manual cycling

  • The full-penetration ram provides maximum compaction and full ejection

  • Dual interlock on the bale chamber door​

Closed End Horizontal Balers

Closed-End Balers typically process a wide variety of material. Waste Equipment's Closed-End balers are available in a variety of different models with the largest model processing up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day’s shift.


Closed-End Horizontal Balers are ideal for multi-material processing. The ram packs the material in the compaction chamber and the bale is ejected through the end. The gate operates hydraulically. Closed-End Horizontal Balers are mid-sized, closed-end balers that process a wide variety of material and can produce up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day's shift. Several models are available with bale sizes from 30" x 42" x 72" to 48" x 42" x 72", charge box opening lengths from 30" to 50", motors with 20 and 30 horsepower, and 7-inch and 8-inch cylinder bores.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Rotary bale length gauge activates the bale made light automatically with no flagpole to engage or disengage

  • A photoelectric cell facilitates automatic cycling

  • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded retainer locks

  • Reversible and replaceable ram shear blade and serrated body shear blade

  • Chute or hand-feed hopper

  • Heavy-duty power pack with 20 or 30 HP TEFC motor

  • Oil cooler standard on 30 hp

  • Center position valve, 10-micron return line filter, and 100 mesh suction line strainer

  • Audio/visual start-up alarm

Optional Features

  • Tongue and groove floor/ram

  • Conveyor control options

  • Accessory control option

  • Material selector switch

  • Remote control station

  • Remote power pack

  • Oil cooler (20 hp)

  • Immersion oil heater

  • Oil temperature shut down

  • Low oil shut down

  • Sonic sensor

  • Upper photocell

  • Custom designed hopper

Gemini Horizontal Balers

Waste Equipment’s Gemini Series Horizontal Balers are moderate-duty, closed-end horizontal balers that enable you to process a variety of materials such as PET, aluminum or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and much more.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic bale door release

  • Full penetration ram for maximum compaction and full bale ejection

  • Reversible and adjustable bolt-in shear blade (Gemini-Xtreme only) 

  • Twin cross cylinders with 20 HP motor

  • 34-second cycle time

  • Wire guides for quick and easy ties

  • Hopper access door with interlock and viewing port

  • Nylon runners for smooth ram operation

  • Totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor for worry-free operation

Optional Features

  • Above-floor conveyor (includes variable frequency drive and hopper extension)

  • Pit conveyor (includes variable frequency drive, pit plates, and hopper extension)

  • Oil heater and oil cooler

Side Eject Horizontal Balers

Side Eject Horizontal Balers are designed for applications requiring multi-material capability, and medium throughput capacity where space is limited.


The Side-Eject Horizontal Baler ejects the bale perpendicular to the baler utilizing the patented Bale Server Island. The server island fully ejects the bale and positions it to be easily picked up by a forklift or pallet jack.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Increased product value by eliminating contamination between bales as the operator changes materials being processed

  • Maximum bale weights with our Bale-Made Indicator, which signals the bale is finished. No time-consuming "flagpole" or manual measuring device to compromise bale quality

  • Our exclusive front bale tie-off system allows the operator to quickly direct tie wires around the bale from the front of the baler. This eliminates the need to go behind the baler and loosen hanging wires that drag as a bale is made

  • Eliminates spillage commonly found with conventional balers. No need to double handle materials being processed

  • Remove each bale from the bale chamber quickly and easily with the patented Side-eject feature and Bale Server island. Unlike conventional balers that require an operator and forklift to free the bale from the end of the bale chamber, Waste Equipment's Side-Eject design provides consistent and complete bale ejection every time

Seamless Push Button Operation

  • Pressure is relieved from the bale in three directions to achieve positive and complete bale ejection from the chamber

  • This advanced method of bale ejection begins by activating the "Home" button, which causes the platen to retract to a pre-set location, relieving the end force on the bale. The operator then opens the chamber door, which relieves side force and automatically unlocks the hinged upper section of the chamber to relieve vertical force on the bale

  • With pressure on the bale effectively relieved from all directions, a hydraulic-powered server island located on the floor of the bale chamber quickly and completely pushes the bale out of the chamber. The server island functions as a pallet, eliminating costly construction of permanent guide islands. After the bale is removed with a forklift or pallet jack, the server island is retracted, saving valuable space

  • Install the Side-Eject Horizontal Baler against a wall or in a tight space. Minimal floor space is needed for operation due to the unique front baler tie-off feature and side-eject design.

Stealth Manual Tie Baler

Waste Equipment's Stealth Manual-Tie Horizontal Baler is specifically designed for baling OCC and similar material with proven productivity for the recycling market. The Stealth is capable of baling 2-3 tons of OCC per hour.


Key Features and Benefits

  • 46-inch wide by 60-inch long feed opening

  • “Hand feed” type hopper standard

  • Hydraulic bale door release

  • 1 to 2 tons per hour throughput

  • Through door and side tie-off

  • Start-up alarm

  • Control panel equipped with electrical disconnect switch

Optional Features

  • Photocell control

  • Bale-made alarm

  • Chute feed hopper

  • Above-ground or pit-style conveyor

Need to purchase wire?
We have the wire you need for vertical and horizontal balers!


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