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Horizontal Balers

Starting out at $960/month

A great solution designed for high productivity and large generators of recyclable materials in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Waste Equipment can help your company from determining the best baling machine for your needs to sourcing a buyer for the recyclable bales.

horizontal baler chute

Horizontal Balers

The prime solution for recyclers looking to save time, money, and space with their products.

Increase your profitability and recycling. 

We have a recycling solution for every type of commodity and price point. We have a flexible solution to meet everyone’s needs including the following:

  • Customized rental or lease options

  • Purchase Options

  • Equipment Consulting and Design

  • Installations and Removals

  • Full Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • 24/7 Repair Services


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Auto Tie Balers

Waste Equipment’s line of Auto-Tie Balers features our exclusive tying system.


auto tie horizontal baler

Non-ferrous Horizontal Baler

Waste Equipment’s Atlas ET Balers are the most affordable, highly efficient, mid-size baler for the non-ferrous scrap industry.

non ferrous horizontal baler

Closed End Horizontal Balers

Closed-End Balers typically process a wide variety of material. Waste Equipment's Closed-End balers are available in a variety of different models with the largest model processing up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day’s shift.

closed end horizontal baler

Gemini Horizontal Balers

Waste Equipment’s Gemini Series Horizontal Balers are moderate-duty, closed-end horizontal balers that enable you to process a variety of materials such as PET, aluminum or steel cans, paper, plastics, OCC, newsprint, and much more.

gemini horizontal baler

Side Eject Horizontal Balers

Side Eject Horizontal Balers are designed for applications requiring multi-material capability, and medium throughput capacity where space is limited.

side eject horizontal baler

Stealth Manual Tie Baler

Waste Equipment's Stealth Manual-Tie Horizontal Baler is specifically designed for baling OCC and similar material with proven productivity for the recycling market. The Stealth is capable of baling 2-3 tons of OCC per hour.

stealth manual tie baler

Waste Equipment Rentals and Sales is the industry leader in facility equipment and services. We install, rent, sell, and repair all makes and models of equipment, nationwide.  With 24/7 service you can count on us to provide you with unrivaled service day after day.

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