Handling Waste

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Recently a health clinic was fined over $25,000 for the mishandling of hazardous waste. A spokesperson for the clinic said that their waste management and equipment company had recently changed and there was come confusion on the waste company's part on how to handle certain wastes.

When you are in a business that produces either a large amount of waste or waste that has to go through a specific disposal process, it is essential to ensure that your waste is disposed of properly. On top of the everyday duties that you must complete, you shouldn't have to add waste management to the list!

Waste Equipment Rentals and Sales is dedicated to helping your business work at peak efficiency by streamlining your waste and recycling process. WERS rents and sells recycling and waste equipment for commercial and industrial applications. We understand the importance of space and efficiency and have successfully installed compactors, balers, and other recycling equipment for thousands of customers. Our premium equipment utilizes the latest technology to provide the greatest return through both time and waste disposal savings.


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