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Vertical & Miniature Compactors

Compact compaction systems ideal for fast food restaurants, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, and other locations where space is limited.

A vertical compactor provides all the same benefits of a full-size compactor without the large footprint. 


Ideal For:

  • Fast Food

  • Hotels

  • Condominiums

  • Restaurants

  • Apartments

  • Nursing Homes


To discuss which vertical or miniature compactor would be best for your industry, fill out our online contact form or call us at (833) 233-9377.

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Vert-I Pack Vertical Compactor

Waste Equipment's vertical compactors are ideal for applications where space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system, or a roll-off collection service is not available. This unit is great for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

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vert i pack compactor blue

Apartment Compactor

With hand-feed hoppers, chute systems, or through-the-wall installations, these powerful yet compact units are perfect for apartments, hotels, office buildings, and other high-rise facilities. The new Apartment Compactor offers an even smaller compactor for applications where space is limited. We took our standard 1835 compactor and used crossed-cylinder technology to shorten the unit.

marathon minimac apartment compactor

30 Series Compactor Extruder For Recycling

Employing a specially designed curved tube, refuse is densely compressed inside the 30 series, eliminating the need for a special compaction container.

recycling extruder 30 series

Solar-hybrid Compactors

Waste Equipment is committed to providing waste compaction solutions that meet the global sustainability needs of our customers by offering products such as our Solar Hybrid Compactor. With each new product, we have made measurable strides in reducing energy and fuel consumption while continuing to offer superior product performance.

solar hybrid compactor

Waste Equipment Rentals and Sales is the industry leader in facility equipment and services. We install, rent, sell, and repair all makes and models of equipment, nationwide.  With 24/7 service you can count on us to provide you with unrivaled service day after day.

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