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Which Commercial Baler is the Right Pick for You?

News & Updates Which Commercial Baler is the Right Pick for You?

Posted On: March 31th, 2019

There are a wide variety of balers on the market to choose from but most of them fall into two main categories: vertical and horizontal balers. Before we review the functionality and benefits of each type take a minute to answer the following:

How much waste do I need to process daily? How much space do I have? How much can my company spend?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make the right decision for your business needs.

Vertical Baler:

A vertical baler compresses waste using a downward force. Once the recyclable waste is thrown into the baler's chamber a gate is closed causing the ram to move downward toward the floor crushing the waste. When the chamber is full a bale is created by tying it up with baling wire and then the bale is ejected from the machine.

Benefits of a Vertical Baler:

  • Smaller Footprint: A vertical baler is best for a smaller business where there is limited space or lower waste volume. Examples of these types of businesses include retail, manufacturing, distribution, and hospitals.

  • Cost: These balers can be purchased for a lower cost than a horizontal baler. making them the right choice for a smaller budget.

  • Processes a variety of materials: almost all types of recyclable waste can be processed in a vertical baler.

Horizontal Baler:

Recyclable waste is thrown into a hopper until it is full. Once filled completely a ram from the side compresses the material with a horizontal force until a bale is complete. The bale is then tied off with wires and ejected from the side of the baler. These types of balers are better suited for larger businesses with high volumes of waste like industrial and manufacturing sites.

Benefits of a Horizontal Baler:

  • Higher volume: These balers are able to process more waste per day and create larger bales than a vertical baler.

  • Convenience: These can be used with in-ground or above-ground conveyor belts, shredders, and air systems.

  • Wider applications: Horizontal balers can process a wide variety of materials.

Commercial balers provide financial, operational, and environmental benefits for your company and are essential to any good recycling program. You can find more information about our balers and other waste management equipment by clicking here or calling 833-233-9377.

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