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What’s the Difference Between Dock Levelers and an Edge of Dock?

Dock Levelers and Edge of Docks look similar and have similar uses. Both are used to create easy transitions while unloading trucks into the warehouse. So, what makes dock levelers and edge of docks different, and which one is better for your warehouse needs?

Dock levelers are great for warehouses that have a wide variety of trucks and trailer sizes that need to unload in their bays. This is because dock levelers can generally operate from 12” above and 12” below the dock, while an Edge of Dock only has a range of 5” above and 5” below the dock.

Dock levelers can also have a larger variety of options and styles to incorporate dock communication, safety controls, and abilities to fit dock needs and restrictions.

Edge of Docks are designed to be mounted directly to the dock face, while dock levelers are mounted within the dock pit. Although this design makes edge of docks less flexible, they are perfect for warehouses that service trucks with minimal height differences.

Edge of docks are generally the best fit in cases where your facility has a limited working range with lighter load capacities. They also normally have a smaller investment and easier installation process.

In the end, dock levelers and edge of docks serve the same purpose. If you have questions still regarding which one fits your needs better, please contact us at 833-233-9377. We would be happy to help with all of your dock, door, and waste equipment needs!


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