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What is a baler? - Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales

Balers are a key asset in the recycling process. Materials typically put in a baler include cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and paper products. However, tires and shrink wrap can also be put in a baler! Once the baler is activated, a hydraulic cylinder presses the material to the desired size. Then the bale is tied with wire and is carried by a cart, pallet, or forklift. Bales are then shipped and sold to a recycling plant.

Vertical balers are ideal for narrow places and limited ceiling space because of their upright position. Smaller versions are tiny enough to fit through a doorway, yet they still perform a mighty job. Other versions even include an extra-large door opening for boxes to be loaded without having to break them down.

Horizontal balers are best utilized in recycling centers, distribution centers, or scrap yard due to their high product volume. Depending on the model that best suits your needs, balers can be manually fed or fed from a conveyer at the ground level.

At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales we pride ourselves in repairing and installing the highest quality baler that suits the need of your business. If you have any questions or want to inquire about a free quote give us a call at (833) 233-9377!

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