We Clean Compactors

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Do you have a stinky, gross, trash compactor that is attracting pests and creating an unpleasant experience for your employees and customers? If so, give us a call to safely remove the excess gunk build up and get your equipment looking and smelling its best.

When it comes to waste equipment, maintaining cleanliness can be a major job, and a vital one. Poorly-maintained equipment areas affect a lot more than your image – they can be breeding grounds for pests, bacteria, and harmful contaminants. Waste Equipment can help you clean your waste equipment area, lengthen the life of your equipment, and help you maintain a professional image for your facility employees and guests.

  • Steam cleaning of equipment and pad site

  • Sealing of storm drain to avoid waste water draining

  • Isolation, containment, and transport of wastewater to a certified treatment facility

  • Full preventative maintenance inspection after equipment is cleaned (optional)

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