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At Waste Equipment we offer customized solutions so you get the best compactors and balers for your business’ needs and budget. Waste Equipment offers the largest array of compactors, balers, cart tippers, pre-crushers, shredders and monitoring systems. We specialize in customized compactor and baler rental programs which includes installation, maintenance, and repair services and also offer purchase options.

We recognize that every company has specific needs and will provide a tailored compactor rental program to fit your specific objectives. Our specialist will conduct site audits and learn more about your business flow and objectives before recommending a rented or purchased compactor. We will work with general contractors to ensure perfect installation timing and assist with any questions they have along the way. Once the rented or purchased compactor installation is complete we offer employee training on operating the equipment.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, whether it be retail, manufacturing, industrial, service, hospitality, real estate, or anything else we have a compactor to suit your needs and budget. We offer the following two compactor rental options:

Stationary Compactor Rental

Our compactor rental program is ideal for a stationary compactor with flexible renting or purchasing options. Our 60-month compactor agreement includes maintenance for the duration of the agreement and includes freight charges. Stationary compactors are excellent for dry waste applications, as these units provide maximum compaction. Stationary compactors are ideal for businesses that predominantly dispose commercial waste without large volumes of food waste.

Stationary compactors offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced hauling costs;

  • Saves valuable storage space;

  • Compacts bulky and dense materials;

  • Reduces neighborhood dumping and dumpster diving.

Self-Contained Rental

Our self-contained compactor rental program offers a flexible lease or purchasing options. A 60-month agreement includes maintenance for the duration of the agreement and freight. Our self-contained compactor is a great solution for wet waste that contains food or liquids from grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, apartments, hospitals, malls, resorts, and cafeterias. Self-contained compactors are ideal for reducing the amount of service cost. Self-contained compactors come in a variety of styles to accommodate your specific waste disposal needs such as space available and budget.

Self-contained compactors provide the following:

  • Reduced hauling costs​;

  • Odor control;

  • Liquid containment;

  • Reduces neighborhood dumping and dumpster diving​.

Why choose Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales to provide your rented compactor?

Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales is a family owned and operated company headquartered in College Station, Texas. Charles Mancuso and Amanda Mancuso-Laird founded Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales to provide the highest quality commercial waste equipment services on a national scale.

We realize that when your compactor or baler goes down it disrupts your daily operations and our technicians are available 24/7 to ensure we get your compactor or baler up and running as fast as possible. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team is available to provide quotes and address any inquiries you may have about renting or purchasing a compactor or baler.

Are there additional costs for renting a compactor?

There are no costs in addition to our monthly fee for renting a compactor! We include freight and installation in the compactor rental charges.

Give us a call today at (833) 233-9377 for your compactor and baler rental and purchasing needs!

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