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Things to Consider when Selecting a Baler for Your Facility

What is a Baler?

A baler machine is extremely useful for recycling. Balers can be used for baling recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal for bulk pickup. A baler compresses the recyclables into compactor bales, which are then easily stacked and transported for recycling. As the recyclable material is compressed it helps overall saving space on-site at your facility.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Baler:

  • What type of product or products do you plan on baling? What size is the material that you will be baling? Will you be flattening the material or making the product smaller?

  • How many tons of material will you be breaking down on the average day/week/month?

  • Will you be unloading the bales by fork lift or pallet jack?

  • How many bales will you be able to store before the scheduled pick-up?

We’d love to help assist you in finding the right baler for you and your facility! Contact us today for a FREE Quote and Site Survey.

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