Retail Compactors

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Store appearance is critical in any retail environment, so trash and recyclables must be placed in containers and hauled away regularly.

When waste containers are ready to be emptied, we offer the solution for moving large volumes of trash and recyclables safely and efficiently through your store or office space to the compactor or baler. Two-wheeled carts, caster carts, tilt trucks, mobile trucks, and cube trucks are durable and easy to maneuver, even with heavy or bulky loads.

Recycle and dispose of waste through compaction and baling. Compaction condenses trash volume, which lowers collection costs by reducing hauling frequency. Baling provides an easy way to handle corrugated and recyclable materials, ensuring bales are sized and weighted properly for maximum market value and compliance with corporate sustainability initiatives.

Improve employee productivity and reduce the risk of injury by using cart lifters to automatically load balers and compactors. Additional safety features include standard "Through-The-Wall" security chute technology and ANSI and OSHA compliant products.

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