Renting a compactor or baler versus purchasing

Cardboard balers and compactors are essential for large and small businesses because they reduce waste handling expenses. If you are thinking about renting or purchasing a baler or a commercial compactor you should consider the following benefits from both options.

A waste material baler serves a purpose of compressing recyclable into smaller bales that can be hauled to recycling plants. Cardboard balers are specifically designed to condense the most common waste such as cardboard and plastics. Fortunately, the cardboard baler condenses cardboard and other recyclable material into compacted bales condensed to be a quarter of the initial size before baling.

A compactor compresses non-recyclable waste or trash into a contained space before the waste hauling company picks it up and delivers it to the landfill. Compactors are ideal for companies because they can increase their waste production while reducing their hauling costs.

Renting benefits

If purchasing a state-of-the-art industrial garbage compactor or baler is not an option due to fiscal constraints, renting is the best option. In comparison to the thousands of dollars needed to purchase a compactor or baler, you can make lower rental payments. Renting allows for the following opportunities:

  • No maintenance required by you for the compactor or baler;

  • Freight and installation included for the compactor or baler.

At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales, our 60-inch vertical baler can be rented for as low as $149/month and our 2-yard stationary compactor can be rented for as low as $220/month.

Benefits of purchasing

Upon purchasing a baler machine or a commercial compactor all of the fiscal responsibility and maintenance is placed on the purchaser. Purchasing allows for the following opportunities:

  • Easier than leasing – Renting can be tricky due to legal agreements and constraints with the provider. Purchasing your own equipment reduces the potential problems of following a leasing agreement;

  • You are in charge of maintenance – Owners make their own decisions as to when to pay for maintenance or when to replace the item.

When deciding whether to rent or purchase a baler or compactor it should be made on a case-by-case basis. There is no wrong answer, but it’s important to choose renting or buying a compactor or baler that best fits the needs of your company.

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