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The best way to avoid baler downtime is to have a concrete preventative maintenance plan. A preventative maintenance plan will help you to get the most years of service out of your baler and help avoid unexpected problems.

Preventative maintenance plan for your baler

At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales, our trained technicians will develop a tailored inspection schedule based on your equipment’s use and age. The safety inspection performed during routine preventative maintenance programs will address small problems before they turn into a larger problem and will include detailed notes and pictures of all potential issues.

What to expect from us

Once our technician has inspected the unit we will inform you of any repairs or conditions that could cause failure or safety concerns. We will replace the oil and clean filters if necessary. The technician performing the equipment’s evaluation will arrive in a fully stocked service vehicle, equipped with common parts, hydraulic hose cutting machines, and welding machines as well as a pressure washing system.

More tips to reduce baler downtime

  1. Invest in equipment that best fits your needs. Contact us for a free site survey!

  2. Ensure your baler is installed by a professional.

  3. Train your staff on safety and proper use of the equipment. Our technicians also offer staff training on site.

  4. Use the specified baler wire that your baler requires and read learn the proper way to tie a bale.

  5. Have a plan in place for if the baler does go down, so that the downtime is minimized.

Protect your investment with a baler maintenance plan and these other tips to avoid baler downtime. Give us a call at (833) 233-9377 to start your baler preventative maintenance plan today!


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