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Maintenance Tips for Commercial Balers

News & Updates Maintenance Tips for Commercial Balers

Posted On: March 14th, 2019

As responsible car owners, we stay up to date on typical maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations so that our cars run efficiently and last longer. As an owner of a commercial baler, you should be performing daily inspections and cleaning on your equipment to keep it running efficiently and safely. Here are a few easy steps to extend the life of your baler.

1. Clean and Monitor: Dust and debris can decrease the performance of your baler. Be sure to clean the motors and coolers daily. You should also check the bale chamber for any materials they may have become wrapped inside the belt rollers.

2. Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system in a baler operates under conditions of high pressure and temperatures. Checking it regularly for performance is a must. Monitor the hydraulic fluid daily and keep the operating environment cool and clean. Having an oil analysis program in place is also key to keeping your hydraulic system running efficiently.

3. Personnel Training: Employees should be trained on how to properly use the baler. This ensures the safety of your employees and lowers the risk of damage to the baler due to misuse. Employees should be held accountable for daily inspections, cleaning, and monitoring of the baler.

4. Operator Safety: Safety is of the utmost importance. Performing regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance on your baler will help reduce the risk of operator safety during routine operation.

5. Preventative Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is critical to ensuring that your equipment is running safely and at its peak performance. Waste Equipment's trained technicians will develop a tailored inspection schedule based on your equipment’s use and age. The safety inspection performed during routine preventative maintenance programs will address small problems before they turn into a larger problem.

For more information about preventative maintenance, balers, and compactors email us at info@wasteequipmentrs.com or visit our website!

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