• Ashley Behmer

How Clean Is Your Trash Compactor?

We all know the ugly truth… there is nothing glamorous about trash. It’s gross and better yet, it stinks.

Consider this. There are 5 types of pathogens found in the world: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and worms. Germs are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! As convenient as your trash compactor and chute may be for everyday use, these pathogens flourish. Research has shown that Millions of bacteria can be present on just One square inch of a garbage container.

Bacteria, like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli thrive in grocery compactors. Viruses, such as those that cause the flu and common cold, can survive outside the body for 48 hours, and some strains of viruses can survive much longer on non-porous surfaces. While you may not be diving into a trash compactor, the exposure to airborne pathogens can potentially lead to health problems and pest infestations. Maggots can commonly be found in trash containers and attract other unwelcome guests like flies, ants and even raccoons!

Let's be honest, how often do we think of cleaning trash containers? Some may consider this more than others but that's where Waste Equipment comes in to help.

Not only do we want to keep your trash compactors operating at peak performance all year round, we want your equipment safe and clean. Our technicians use OSHA and EPA approved methods to clean and sanitize your compactor. We collect the runoff water and dispose according to guidelines set for hazardous materials.

While we will never be able to rid the world of pathogens, routinely emptying your compactor and periodic cleanings will help reduce these potentially harmful pathogens, keeping you and your employees safe.

Your business is important to you, which means it's important to us. Give us a call today to learn more at 833-233-9377 or email us at support@wasteequipmentrs.com speak with a representative today.


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