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Balers are an essential piece of any recycling program. Horizontal and vertical balers also allow companies to pack large amounts of recyclable material into a compact shape and easier shipment. Here’s a quick overview of the difference between a vertical baler and a horizontal baler:

Vertical balers use a single ram to compress recyclable material from top to bottom. Vertical balers are common in grocery stores and other businesses that have high quantities of recyclable materials such as cardboard, cans or plastic bottles.

Vertical balers offer advantages over horizontal balers such as:

  1. They can fit in smaller spaces.

  2. They cost less than a horizontal baler.

  3. They can process almost every type of recyclable waste.

Horizontal balers process waste differently than vertical balers because recyclable waste is thrown into a hopper. Once the hopper is full, a ram from the side of the baler compresses the material until the bale is complete. The bale is then secured with wire and ejected from the side of the baler.

Horizontal balers offer advantages over vertical balers such as:

  1. They make more bales.

  2. Bales are consistent in density and weight.

  3. They produce better bales for newsprint or office paper.

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