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Everything You Need to Know When Shopping for Waste Equipment

News & Updates Everything You Need to Know When Shopping for Waste Equipment

Posted On: April 3rd, 2023

When looking at waste equipment, it may be a tad overwhelming because there are so many different options to choose from along with figuring out what would work best for your team and your facility. We'd love to help you narrow in on your needs. Continue reading to find out more about what you should know when looking at waste equipment.


What is the difference Between a Trash Compactor and Baler?

Balers and Trash Compactors are both designed with the same purpose in mind. Minimizing large amounts of waste to take up less space. Trash compactors (Self- Contained or Stationary Compactors) are designed to handle organic waste as well as everyday waste. Trash compactors compress general waste into a large receiver box that is then hauled off to the waste site. A Baler is designed for recyclables, like cardboard and plastic. The baler takes the recyclable material and compresses them into a cube. The cubed bale is then sent to the recycling center.


Why is it more beneficial to Rent a Compactor or Baler instead of Buying One?

Compactors and Balers are both expensive pieces of equipment. Unless your business processes waste or generates significant amounts of it, purchasing such equipment may be hard to be justified. Prices for these machines can range between $10,000 and $2,000,000 when you add up all of the overhead costs. This amount does not take into consideration repairs that will likely be in the thousands when and if they occur. With a small monthly rental, all future maintenance costs under normal wear and tear are hauled for you by our technicians at no additional cost. At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales, all rentals include a Preventative Maintenance package.


What are Some of the Questions I Should ask Before Purchasing or Renting Waste Equipment?

How many times a week does your current hauler pick up your trash from your facility if you do no have a compactor or baler now?

  • Just knowing this will help you see what potential savings you will have with decreasing the amount of pickups.


What volume of trash is being hauled?

  • Do you have a large amount of trash that is required to be picked up often? Do you have multiple dumpsters that have to be picked up multiple times a week? The volume of waste that you go through will help you determine the waste equipment you would need.


Where should I put my compactor?

  • You will need power at the installation site, and you will need to account for safety requirements. Stationary and Self Contained compactors can be out in the open, but Balers will need to be covered.


How will I be feeding my compactor?

  • This will help determine what type of hopper or doghouse configuration you will need for your compactor or any modifications that might be needed.


Why Choose Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales for your Compactor or Baler?

Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales has over half a century of experience in the waste equipment industry. We are a family-owned and operated company. We provide nationwide waste equipment rentals, sales, and repairs. Our team's mission is to bring service back to the service industry.

Whatever questions you may have, whatever customizations that may be required - we are here to assist you! We offer free quotes and can have our team go out to your location for a site survey or review any drawings.