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Engaging The Office In Your Recycling Program

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

It can be difficult and extremely frustrating at times to raise employee participation in recycling programs. Today we will be giving you a few suggestions for how you can implement your recycling program in a way that will spark the interest of your employees and improve the efficiency of your program.

Incentives. Buying a few prizes or getting lunch for the top recycler or the top department each month will help boost morale and your employee’s desire to recycle.

Set Goals. Create interdepartmental competitions and keep track of how each department is doing. You can also try having each department create their own goals and try to reach them.

Display Progress. Charge one employee or one employee per department with the task of tracking the progress of their sector and have those employees display comparisons periodically to create a more competitive mindset for your recycling program.

Place Recycling Bins In High Traffic Areas. Placing bins where people can easily access them is crucial to having a productive recycling program. Some suggested areas are: near the copy machine, near the mailroom, and in areas with multiple workers and lots of foot traffic.

Try implementing one or all of these ideas with your employees and see your recycling participation rise!

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