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Dock Doors: Did You Know There Were Different Types?

News & Updates Dock Doors: Did You Know There Were Different Types?

Posted On: June 18th, 2020

Dock doors may look mostly uncomplicated and similar, but do you just how complex they are? To function properly, each dock door must run smoothly through their tracks, be correctly insulated but also lightweight, fully secure, and built to last. There are four standard dock door types: High Speed, Rolling, Sectional, and Knock Out. Keeping these factors in mind, how do you ensure you’re picking the right one for your facility?

High-Speed Dock Doors’ greatest benefit is their time-saving efficiency. They are generally made of a fabric material like vinyl, and their main function is open and close quickly. High-speed dock doors are typically more aesthetically pleasing and are a great choice for customer-facing industrial applications.

Rolling Dock Doors are usually lightweight and consist of panels that roll up or to the side. They're often made of aluminum or steel and have the greatest ability to meet a variety of height limitations. However, they do rank lower on the security and insulation scale than other door types.

types of dock doors

Sectional Dock Doors, otherwise known as paneled dock doors, are what are normally seen in industrial warehouse facilities. They can operate with a controller that simplifies opening and closing. They are constructed for heavy use and, typically, require less maintenance. This also makes them ideal for those larger industrial spaces.

Knock Out Dock Doors offer the most in terms of durability because of their resilience to impact. They are essentially modified sectional dock doors with the ability to flex on contact. They will offer the quickest recovery time in case of an accident. Normally, they can be simply popped back in place and continue to function properly.

So, which Dock Door will you choose? If you need more information to make the right choice for your facility needs, contact us at Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales (833)233-9377! We’re happy to help with all of your dock and door needs.