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Do I need a stationary or a self-contained compactor? - Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales

Self-contained Compactor

Self-contained compactors are designed to store and transport wet waste. With a self-contained compactor, the compactor and receiver box stay permanently joined for compaction and emptying, minimizing leakage. If your business disposes of food waste, wet waste, or granulated materials that could leak when separating a container from the compactor, then you should consider a self-contained compactor. Self-contained compactors come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and compaction power.

Stationary Compactor

Stationary compactors are designed for dry trash, cardboard, and paper. In a stationary compactor, the refuse is loaded into the hopper and compressed into a receiving container. This compaction option can reduce the volume of waste by up to four times! These machine units are installed permanently at your site and come in a variety of options.

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