Compactor Fundamentals: Selection Criteria

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When it comes to choosing what type of compactor you need, there is a multitude of factors involved in the decision. Here are a few of them:

  • Recyclables - Is there sufficient volume of recyclable materials to warrant more than one compaction system or is recycling mandatory?

  • Size of waste - Is the Feed (clear top) Opening large enough to accommodate the largest items without bridging?

  • Safety standards - Does the installation comply with recommended ANSI standards? Is there an access interlock switch on chute or hopper doors and gates? Is a "momentary contact" control required?

  • Power source - Is adequate power available? Three or single phase?

  • Convenience - Is the compactor located for easiest use? Loading height? Can a hopper, doghouse (charge box enclosure), or card dumping system improve convenience? Can value be added (building or employee security) by loading through the wall? Would an odor control system solve odor or pest control issues?

  • Volume of waste generated - Will the compactor be adequate to handle the volume generated during the peak load periods?

  • Location - Does, or can, the waste flow to one central point?

  • Available space - Is there space for the Compaction System and maneuvering room for collection trucks? Is there adequate overhead clearance? Is the collection truck front-load or rear-load? Is there compatibility with the collection truck?


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