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Compactors are ideal for reducing the frequency and expenses of hauling waste. Did you know that compactors can be assembled in various ways to fit the needs of your company?

When our team at Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales performs a site survey we will consider the right configuration for your new compactor to improve safety, fit the structure of the building, and optimize employee time. Before investing in a compactor, you must consider the type of waste, volume of waste, and physical space allotted.

Some compactor configurations include the following:

  • Ground fed – Waste is placed directly into the charge opening at the ground level. This is the most inexpensive configuration method and often requires employees to transport or lift waste to the compactor.

  • Chute fed – A steel chute is fabricated to the charge opening of the compactor through an opening in the wall of the building. The dimensions of the chute are dependent on the dimensions of the waste and the size of the compactor.

  • Hopper – This add on is best suited for larger types and volume of waste. A forklift or large cart is used to dump waste into the hopper, which adds an important layer of safety because the employee is not reaching into the compactor.

  • Doghouse – The doghouse is intended for people who want to keep the charge opening of their compactors covered and secure. A doghouse is a metal enclosure that can be configured to fit different sides of the compactor, depending on your specific needs. Doghouses add an extra layer of security because they have safety switches that require doors to be closed before the compactor will operate.

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