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Balers: Which Type Fits Your Facility Needs?

Balers are excellent tools to help with waste management efficiency. They assist in limiting the number of pick-ups, which leads to a reduction of fees, and create cleaner work environments. There are several different types of balers: Vertical Balers, Horizontal Balers, Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers, Closed-Door Horizontal Balers, and Two-Ram Balers. So, how do you know which baler is the right fit for your facility?

Starting with the most common type of baler on the market, Vertical Balers use a downward force to process recyclable waste. They are smaller than other balers and are normally able to operate in standard 8ft high ceilings, which makes them ideal for facilities without a lot of extra room to spare. Although, their smaller size does make them less efficient than other options, they are most often the least expensive.

Horizontal Balers are the second most popular option. Waste is thrown into a hopper and the balers use a ram to compress it from the side. These balers can range much larger, which makes them great choices for baling larger amounts of waste.

Another version of the horizontal baler is the Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler. These balers are just like regular horizontal balers, except they will automatically tie material at the end of each bale. This allows for the baler to operate more efficiently. This also makes them the perfect choice for companies that require larger-capacity baling.

Closed-Door Horizontal Balers are created specifically to produce very dense, high quality bales of processed materials. The closed-door design allows for the baler to push waste against a sturdy wall, which helps compact the waste. Once the waste is compacted, the bale is ejected out of the door for easy removal. Since the baler has such a wide opening, is can accommodate a larger variety of materials.

Finally, for facilities that deal with large volumes of recyclable waste, there are the

Two-Ram Balers. The balers are similar to standard single-ram balers, except instead

it has one ram for gathering and compressing material into a chamber, and another for eject and tie the bale. These balers will also have larger feed openings to allow more material to enter faster as well as handling a wide variety of recyclable materials.

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