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Auger and precrusher terminology - Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales

At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales we pride ourselves in providing the best waste equipment to our clientele. Below is a quick guide for the difference between an auger and a precrusher.

Auger compactor

Stationary auger compactors are heavy duty machines specifically designed for condensing large amounts of waste materials. This compactor is ideal for processing large, bulky items and is frequently utilized for large industrial sites and production lines. Large items that are ideal for a stationary auger include but are not limited to:

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Wooden Pallets

  • Crates

  • Furniture


A precrusher is ideal to reduce air in your container that is accumulated by items such as pallets, crates, large boxes, and drums. A precrusher works by a packing ram that moves through the charge box with a high level of force that crushes everything against a steel wall in the unit. The steel wall is then raised and the ram fully extends, which compacts the waste into the attached container. Precrushers are ideal for:

  • Steel drums

  • Wood pallets

  • Wood crates

  • Spools

  • Industrial waste

  • White goods

  • Turnings

Utilizing an auger or a precrusher ultimately results in fewer trips to the landfill and more money in your pocket. To learn more about our rental and sale options give us a call at (833) 233-9377!

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