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6 Safety Tips for Businesses with Compactors On-Site

News & Updates 6 Safety Tips for Businesses with Compactors On-Site

Posted On: October 17th, 2022

Just like with every large piece of equipment used on-site at your business, a compacter can present significant safety risks if workers are not using the equipment correctly and not following safety precautions. To ensure that safety risks are minimized while using a trash compactor, follow these 6 safety-focused tips:

  1. Always Ensure Your Staff is Fully Trained - Compactors are generally easy to operate, but they still require adequate training. It is extremely important that every member of the staff who will be operating the compactor is trained. All employees, even those who may never use the machine, should be trained on how to perform an emergency stop for urgent situations.

  2. Keep Hands, Arms, and Other Body Parts Clear - Never place hands, arms, or other body parts into the compactor for any reason, such as rearranging any waste materials that may be causing the equipment to jam.

  3. Do Not Overload the Compactor - All employees who will be operating the compactor should be made aware of the compactor’s load limits. Overloading a trash compactor could result in safety risks and equipment damage that could require costly repairs.

  4. Look for Animals before Loading - While trash compactors often do a great job at keeping animals out of your trash and the chances are slim, it is always worth checking for animals to ensure that no accidents occur. Make sure to keep the area around the compactor tidy to prevent attracting animals from coming close to your compactor.

  5. Keep the Compactor Door Closed during Operation - Make sure you never open the door when the compactor is in operation as the risk of injury increases exponentially.

  6. Perform Regular Upkeep and Repairs as Needed - Regularly inspecting your compactor keeps it running smoothly and reduces the chance of potential hazards. One of the benefits of renting your equipment with Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales is that Preventative Maintenance is included in your rental contract.

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