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Cardboard balers are the perfect tool for breaking down the massive volumes of cardboard that your company may produce. Here are some tips for creating the best bale possible to maximize efficiency and keep your machine running smoothly:

Step 1: Lay down folded sheets of cardboard to create a flat surface before throwing in more cardboard.

Step 2: Keep the top door open and manually place boxes across the width of the baler. When the chamber is full, and cardboard is evenly distributed, lower the platen.

Step 3: Once the bale full light is indicated, or when the arrows are lined up on the platen with the chamber then it is time to tie off the bale.

Step 4: In order to tie the bale, keep the top door open and place flat pieces of cardboard on the top of the bale. Set the platen to the lowest setting and turn the baler off. Open both the top and bottom doors and use the clean out rod to remove all material not in the bale. Insert the baling wire in each channel at the bottom through the back, up to the top, and then tie off.

Step 5: Place a pallet on the ground directly in front of the baler. Move to the side of the baler and use a strap or chain eject system to place the bale on the pallet. Move the pallet with a pallet jack or forklift. Never stand in front of the bale to move it towards you or reach through the back of the bale to push with your hands!

And there's your five step guide book for making the perfect bale!

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