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4 Key Benefits of Using a Compactor at your Business

If you are wondering if a compactor is right for your business, you are in the right place. Check out the four key benefits of using a compactor at your business:

  1. Saves Money

  2. Less Labor

  3. Employees do not have to worry about breaking down boxes

  4. Reduces Collection Costs

  5. Few trips to dispose of your refuse. A compactor can reduce your waste by 4 times and in turn reduce your cost for collection.

  6. Reduces Fire Hazards

  7. Reduces Insect and Rodent Problems

  8. Improves Safety and Security

  9. Prevents unauthorized access to waste

  10. A sealed container keeps others from viewing anything that is thrown away. A steel security chute prevents the merchandise from being taken out the back door.

  11. Avoids unauthorized disposal

  12. Prevents others from disposing of their trash and hazardous items into your container

  13. Discourage scavengers

  14. Keeps scavengers out of your container

  15. Improves Safety

  16. Improves Aesthetics

  17. Prevents Wind-Blown Trash

  18. Reduces the need to sweep the parking lots

  19. Control Odor

  20. Sealed compaction helps reduce pungent odors

  21. Extends Pavement Life

  22. Reduced wear and tear on parking surfaces by heavy collection vehicles

  23. Increases Usable Space

  24. Saves Inside Storage Space

  25. No need to use storeroom space to store refuse

  26. Saves outside Parking Space

  27. Few containers outside mean more parking spaces for customers

Contact us today! We'd be more than happy to discuss what compactor fits your business's needs and send you a quote the same day!

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