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3 Smart Waste Management Tips For Your Business

News & Updates 3 Smart Waste Management Tips For Your Business

Posted On: January 2th, 2020

At Waste Equipment Rentals & Sales we know every business generates waste. It is our goal to provide the best quality customer service to ensure your business is receiving timely and accurate assistance. As we bring in the new year we wanted to provide some waste management tips to help your company manage waste efficiently.

1. Measure the waste

Before the collection truck arrives each week check to see how full the bins are. This should be done frequently in the beginning to determine if you have the correct size bin for the amount of waste your company produces. Once you have determined the output of waste your company produces, you will be able to confidently adjust your bin size or the frequency of the collection date.

2. Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

One avenue of reducing waste going to landfill is by investing in a baler. Balers are a key asset in the recycling process. Materials typically put in a baler include cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and paper products. However, tires and shrink wrap can also be put in a baler. Once the bales are made the material is shipped and sold to a recycling plant.

Vertical balers are ideal for narrow places and limited ceiling space because of their upright position. Smaller versions are tiny enough to fit through a doorway, yet they still perform a mighty job. Other versions even include an extra-large door opening for boxes to be loaded without having to break them down.

Horizontal balers are best utilized in recycling centers, distribution centers, or scrap yard due to their high product volume. Depending on the model that best suits your needs, balers can be manually fed or fed from a conveyor at the ground level.

vertical baler

3. Invest in trash compactors

A compactor is used to compress large volumes of trash before the waste hauling company picks delivers it to the landfill. Compactors can reduce the overall number of hauls to the landfill because compacted trash takes up less space! There are two types of compactors:

Self-contained Compactor

Self-contained compactors are designed to store and transport wet wastes.With a self-contained compactor, the compactor and receiver box stay permanently joined for compaction and emptying, minimizing leakage. If your business disposes of food waste, wet waste, or granulated materials that could leak when separating a container from the compactor, then you should consider a self-contained compactor. Self-contained compactors come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and compaction power.

Stationary Compactor

Stationary compactors are designed for dry trash, cardboard, and paper. In a stationary compactor, the refuse is loaded into the hopper and compressed into a receiving container. This compaction option can reduce the volume of waste by up to four times! These machine units are installed permanently at your site and come in a variety of options.

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