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Installations & Removals

Customized solutions tailored to fit your needs. 

Turn-Key Solutions & Buy Back Program 

We can relocate, install, or remove any make or model of waste or recycling equipment including compactors, balers, and shredders. Our highly trained team routinely executes installations and removals across the country while upholding our safety and service standards and your planned budget. We also purchase used equipment.

At Waste Equipment, we understand the complex factors that play into scheduling and executing equipment installations, relocations, and removals. We have several decades of experience performing compactor and baler installations and can assist with all aspects of the project from project planning and sites surveys to installation and employee training. After the installation process, Waste Equipment can also provide preventative maintenance visits to keep your machines running at their peak and diagnosis potential failures in advance. Ultimately, our number one objective is ensuring your complete satisfaction and we will tailor each service to meet your specific needs.

Installations & Removals 

Waste Equipment will provide an onsite site survey prior to equipment installation to determine which equipment best suites the specific need and application. Waste Equipment works with client to ensure the following is available prior to the installation. We require the following prior to installation: 

Electrical Requirements:

The site must provide adequate power supply, which includes a lockable, fused disconnect. The disconnect must be within sight of the equipment and must be within ten feet of the equipment to include the following:

  • 3 phase, 60 amps, 208/230/480 voltage.

  • Single Phase Available

Concrete Pad Requirements: 

Each site must have a concrete pad available prior to equipment installation. The size of each pad required vary depending on the equipment size however the general rule of thumb is ten feet wide and the length of the container plus an additional five feet. An example would be ten feet wide by 40 feet long for a stationary compactor and receiver box and 10 feet wide and thirty-five feet long for a self contained compactor. The concrete should meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 3000 P.S.I.

  • Wire mesh reinforced.

  • 6” thick.


Do you have equipment onsite that you need removed before the new equipment is installed? 

  • We can assist with this as well. Waste Equipment works with client's in removing preexisting equipment and even offers buy back programs on used equipment depending on the condition. 

Industries Served

  • Retail Stores

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Municipalities

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Grocery Stores

  • Beverage & Bottling

  • Commercial Construction

Want to Know More?

What We Install:

We offer installation services for the following equipment:

  • Vertical Balers and Horizontal Balers

  • Stationary Compactors and Self-Contained Compactors

  • Ozone Odor Eliminators

  • Shredders

  • Cart Tippers and Specialty Waste Equipment

  • Remote Monitoring Software

  • Apartment Compactors

  • Vertical Compactors

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