Baler Rentals 

All inclusive baler rental programs which include free freight, installation, and repairs. Read below for details and pricing. 

Nationwide Baler Rental Programs 

Waste Equipment realizes that each business has specific needs which is why we customize each baler rental program to fit your specific needs. Our baler rental programs are all inclusive and include free freight, installation, and equipment maintenance for the life of the agreement.  Our technicians across the country give customers peace of mind in knowing that we offer 24/7 service. 





     Baler Rental Benefits 

  • Eliminate the Large Capital Expense

  • 100% Tax Deductible

  • Reduce Waste Disposal Cost 

  • Maintenance is Included

  • Flexible Term Lengths 

Cardboard baler rentals help reduc waste and recycling equipment cost.

Turnkey Baler Rental Options 

Each baler rental program includes free freight, installation, and maintenance for the life of the agreement. Do you have and existing baler? Our team can look at your current baler and see if it qualifies for our equipment buyback program. 



With a variety of baler rental options ranging from vertical balers to horizontal auto tie units we have the perfect solution to meet your recycling needs. We also offer baling wire, parts, and schedule bale pickups from coast to coast.

Vertical Balers Rentals

A perfect solution for commercial applications such as retailers, grocery stores, malls, hospitals, and distribution centers.

  • Reduce waste disposal and hauling cost.

  • Improve companies profitability

  • Increase companies sustainability initiatives

  • Perfect for limited space

  • Improve workplace safety with clear work space

cardboard baler rental

Horizontal Balers

A great solution designed for high productivity and large generators of recyclable materials in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Waste Equipment can help your company from determining the best baling machine for every type of commodity and price point. We have a flexible solution to meet everyone’s needs including the following:


  • Customized baler rental or lease options

  • Purchase Options

  • Equipment Consulting and Design

  • Installations and Removals

  • Full Preventative Maintenance Programs

horizontal baler rental progam
paper baler lease

National Baler Rental and Compactor Rental Programs

Stationary Compactor Pricing

Stationary Compactor Rentals

Rent, Purchase, or Lease 

The stationary compactor rental program offers flexible term lengths  A 60-month agreement includes maintenance for the duration of the agreement and freight. 

The best solution for dry waste or recyclables from commercial properties, distribution centers, retail, office buildings and manufacturing. Stationary compactors rentals offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced hauling costs

  • Saves valuable storage space

  • Compacts bulky and dense materials

  • Reduces neighborhood dumping and dumpster diving. 

Vertical Balers

Vertical Baler Rentals

Rent, Purchase, or Lease

The vertical baler rental program offers flexible term lengths. A 60-month agreement includes maintenance for the duration of the agreement and freight. 

The perfect solution for retailers, distribution centers, grocery stores, industrial, manufacturing plants, malls, hospitals, and other facilities with a high recyclable material output. Baler rentals offer the following benefits: 

  • Reduced hauling and disposal costs

  • Improved recycling profitability

  • Increase landfill waste diversion

  • Perfect for baling cardboard, plastic, or metal. 

Self-Contained Compactor

Self-contained Rentals

Rent, Purchase, or Lease

The self contained compactor rental offers flexible term lengths.. A 60-month agreement includes maintenance for the duration of the agreement and freight. 

A great solution for wet waste that contains food or liquids from grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, apartments,  hospitals, malls, resorts, and cafeterias. Self-contained compactor rentals provide the following: 

  • Reduced hauling costs​

  • Odor control

  • Liquid containment

  • Reduces neighborhood dumping and dumpster diving​